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KOMDRUCK IDP-1000 Dokumentendrucker

Mit dem neuen Dokumentendrucker IDP-1000 wird KOMDRUCK die Erfolgsgeschichte von dem weltweit ersten Flachbett-Tintenstrahl-Drucker KOMDRUCK IDP fortsetzen.

1000 Years Of Alt-History - Paradox Mega Campaign Directors Cut

This is the super cut of my Mega Campaign 2020. Grab yo' popcorn and enjoy me playing the same nation through Crusader kings 2 all the way to hearts of iron 4!

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Twitter here:

Jork : Timestamps if you want to skip the intro(s) or a game or something:

0:47 - end of the intro explaining what a mega campaign is (still before ck2 gameplay)
2:29 - explanation of who he'll be playing and ruler design
3:40 - start of ck2 gameplay
15:15 - start of eu4 intro
17:25 - start of eu4 gameplay
35:16 - start of vic2 intro
38:58 - start of vic2 gameplay
56:55 - start of hoi4 intro
1:01:05 - start of hoi4 gameplay

I'm probably too late because the video's actually been here a while now but this was as fast as I could do it.
EagleLord117 : it took until 1946 for Byzantium to get back Rome despite being on the gates for hundreds of years. And they had to die to do it.
Crunchy Man : Constantinople is called Istanbul under the Byzantines in HOI4. Look how they massacred my boy
Vylin ful : You are truly inteligent. Due to my quarentene, I am going to watch this entire video no questions asked
Luke Flowers : 96% of Vladimir is like, "Who are we?"

ሓይልታት ትግራይ ንሓያሎ ድፋዓት ተከዘን ቃፍታ ሑሞራን ከም ዝሰበሩ ተፈሊጡ።ከቢድ ውግእ ግንባር ደሴ ቀጺሉ።

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ሜሪ ጓል ትግራይ : ኣነ ዝገርመኒ ውድብ ሕብራት ዓይኑ ናረአየ ሕጂ ክኣ ኣፃርሎ ኣታሓሳስብሎ ምድሪ መሲይዋ ፈጣሪ ህዝበይ ሓደራ
ጋል ትግራይ ጋልቶም ጀጋኑ ትግራይና ንቂድሚት : ጀጋኑ ደቂ ዓባይ ሓይልኩም ሓይሊ ሓጭን ይኩን ቤሌናተይ ትግራይ ትዕወት❤❤
Abraha Gere : ሕሙም መራሒ ንጉሆ ንጉሆ ቃሉ ዝቅይር ናይ ኢምሮ ጸገም ዘለዎዩ
Rahil Gaby : ሰራዊት ትግራይ ንፁሃት ኣይዲብዲብን




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